Master a Radically New and Balanced Approach to Teaching and Applying Positive Psychology in Your Practice in 8 Days

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Positive Psychology X© is an exclusive 8-day Masterclass that will be held in the south of the Netherlands from the 19th till the 30th of March 2018. During this masterclass, you will learn and get to practice the essential skills that positive psychology practitioners need to effectively help other people find more meaning, fulfilment, and contentment in daily life.

One of the reasons why this event is exclusive is because there are only 15 spots available.

Positive Psychology X is entirely science-based. Both the teachings and the exercises you will learn to perform with others are rooted in science. In one of the most inspiring surroundings of the Netherlands, you’re bound to have time to remember in connecting with like-minded positive psychology practitioners.


Positive Psychology X is for both practitioners and aspiring positive psychology practitioners. So if you are a therapist, coach, trainer, psychologist, mental health professional or you are planning to become one, this Masterclass is for you. A formal- or informal training background in (positive) psychology is recommended.



Chateau Neercanne
Cannerweg 800, 6213 ND
Maastricht, The Netherlands


Monday the 19th of March 2018
until Friday the 30th of March 2018

Experience luxury and comfort at Château Neercanne in Maastricht, The Netherlands The atmospheric Michelin-starred restaurant Château Neercanne is situated within the only terraced castle of the Benelux. The castle was built in 1689 and is known for its lovely baroque garden with protected Unesco status. You can admire the beautiful view of the gardens and the Jeker valley, with the church towers of Maastricht in the distance. You will especially enjoy the gastronomic craftsmanship which, in combination with the wonderful ambiance, has been valued by Michelin for over 60 years!


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During this 8-day Masterclass you will;

  • become confident in working with the eight most important pillars of second wave positive psychology
  • get to practice and improve your positive psychology knowledge and skills as a practitioner
  • get all the tools you need to explain, implement and teach these principles in your own practice
  • learn to use a complete framework for addressing the essential elements of well-being
  • be inspired to help others improve their lives in new meaningful ways
  • learn science-based approaches to increasing mental health in your clients, patients and or students
  • master the 1# intuitive positive psychology coaching method that will change the way you work

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This training program was designed to offer practitioners a comprehensive, yet easy to understand framework to integrate positive psychology into their work with clients. The goal of this training is twofold. The first goal is to offer a structured, science-based curriculum that will enable practitioners to understand the various processes underlying the many topics within the field of Positive Psychology. The second goal is to offer a structural approach to directly apply positive psychology in order to assess and improve the client’s level of well-being.

In doing so, a sailboat metaphor is used as a guide. The different elements of a sailboat are used to provide an easy to understand, yet comprehensive structure for addressing the essential elements of well-being and their interrelations. The structure of this metaphor not only creates order in the diverse range of techniques and theoretical constructs, it also offers clients an intuitive perspective on human functioning that captures the complex nature of well-being without the need to understand the theoretical and scientific underpinnings of the various processes involved.


Our application process is just here to make sure that Positive Psychology X is the right fit for you. This process helps us ensure that you will be surrounded by other like-minded professionals who are as passionate about positive psychology as you are.

There are only 15 spots available.

You can apply now via the button below and one of our team members will reach out to you within 5 days time.

Before you apply, please note that this Masterclass will be recorded on video. These recording will be made available to you after the event and will also be used in our online learning environments. For this, we ask you to give consent for us to use photographs/video/sound recordings of you to be captured and used in printed and electronic media, including the internet, for teaching, media and promotional purposes.


Regular price: $4500 USD

Price for Positive Psychology Toolkit members: $2950 USD

All payments can be completed by credit card payment or EFT within 30 days of approval of your application. After your confirmation, you will receive an invoice with the details.


  • 8 days of high-quality science-based lectures, group exercises, and one-on-one coaching.
  • 8 days of delicious lunch, drinks, healthy breaks and treats at exclusive venue Chateau Neercanne
  • 8 days of transport from a central location in Maastricht to venue
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Sunday night Informal welcome drinks
  • Farewell dinner in Michelin star restaurant Château Neercanne

The Positive Psychology X Product:

  • All PowerPoint slides (slides, PPT)
  • All recorded videos
  • An instruction manual for you, the practitioner with a step-by-step description of each training session (text, PDF)
  • A workbook to hand out to your participants
  • An extensive scientific handbook covering all the topics in detail
  • A certificate of completion (CE credits pending)


  • Hotel or accommodation; you will be free to choose an accommodation that fits perfectly with your needs and wishes. We are happy to help you find this!
  • Breakfast and dinner: This gives you the opportunity to try cafes and restaurants in the area or spend time at your leisure.
  • Travel; you can plan every step of your own itinerary. Maybe you would like to add some extra holiday time? Again, we are happy to help!


With over 15 years of experience in teaching psychology to thousands of people, professor, researcher and coach Dr. Hugo Alberts (Ph.D.) will guide you through this Masterclass.

More about Hugo Alberts


Dr. Alberts has been exploring the scientific side of Positive Psychology at Maastricht University for the past 10 years. Since 2006 positive psychology has been a major focus of his research. He has conducted research on topics like gratitude, optimism, motivation, and mindfulness.


In addition to conducting research, Dr. Alberts has provided numerous Positive Psychology courses at university, companies, healthcare facilities, schools, and government agencies. His aim is to combine a balanced psychological perspective on well-being with the practical tools to directly apply the insights from Positive Psychology. 


In his work with both individual clients and groups, Positive Psychology has always been at the core of Dr. Alberts’ practice. It is this same passion for the practical side of Positive Psychology that motivated him to develop the Positive Psychology Toolkit and the Mindfulness X training.




Looking for a hotel in Maastricht or surroundings that fits your needs and budget?

We have a list of the best luxury hotels and beautiful B&B’s available. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance in finding your accommodation. We are happy to help!


Maastricht is easily accessible by car and public transport. There is a very good rail network and you can get connections to and from anywhere in the Netherlands.

Maastricht is also served by a small airport (Maastricht Aachen Airport) with direct flights from selected cities in Europe. But many visitors will arrive at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. The easiest way to get from Amsterdam to Maastricht is by train, which takes about 3 hours.

Due to Maastricht’s proximity to the Belgian and German border, some visitors prefer to use Belgian or German airports. Brussels airport is for example within 2 hours distance of Maastricht by train.
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Maastricht is the capital of Limburg, the most southern province in the Netherlands. An ancient city in the valley of the river Maas, situated next to Germany and Belgium. The city is home to approximately 122.000 people. Maastricht is a popular destination in the Netherlands because of its historical old center and broad shopping possibilities. A great place to spend some time, it contains some magnificent buildings and culture, taking the form of plenty of old houses and buildings, lovely cathedrals and a spectacularly cobblestoned town center. Maastricht is an ideal location for shopping, to experience culture, nature, and history.


What does the “X” in “Positive Psychology X” stand for?


The “X” stands for the fact that you can take this training, give it your own spin and start teaching it yourself. It is the blank space that you fill in as a practitioner. We will provide you will all the materials (lecture slides, exercises, video and audio versions of the course, intake forms, assessments, everything you need to go out and teach and apply what you have learned.

Do I need experience in practicing positive psychology to attend this event?

A formal- or informal training background in (positive) psychology is recommended. The more experience you have in practicing (positive) psychology, the better of a foundation you have to build on during and after this training. If you are completely new to the field, we don’t recommend you to attend this event as you will probably benefit more from some basic training courses.

What happens after I apply?

One of our team members will reach out to you within 5 days time.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in installments. As soon as you have received an invoice from us, the amount can be paid via electronic transfer of funds or by credit card in one go.

Will I get awarded with CE credits?

Positive Psychology X is in the process of being accredited by the APA.

I have some questions, can I get in touch?


Absolutely! Send Jessie an email at and she will take care of you 🙂